Re-opening of LRC, 29 March 2021

LRC has (once again) launched real crews in genuine boats for a long awaited outing in fine but rather blustery conditions. From the responses on social media, those who managed to get out were rather pleased to be on the water again!

The majority of members may now access the club and its facilities, although the number attending each session is limited as we are still bound by social distancing rules and the logistics of enhanced kit hygiene. We are complying with the latest British Rowing guidance, now at version 11.1 – see link below.

In line with the BR guidance, the club has updated it’s Coronavirus Measures document to version 5.1. Please read before you attend your first session – see link below.

Enjoy your rowing and stay safe.

Re-opening of LRC – update, 15 August

LRC continues to expand its membership able to get on the water, the number of persons per session and the types of boat permitted for use. The majority of members are now able to access the club and its facilities although the number attending at any session is limited as we are still bound by social distancing rules and the logistics of enhanced kit hygiene. British Rowing has updated its guidance to v 5.2 which progresses to what they call Phase E. This permits non-household boats of up to 4 person crews. This doc is available via the link below.

In light of this new guidance LRC is permitting non-household, coxless crew boats up to fours and quads. The club has updated it’s Coronavirus Measures document to version 4.0. See link below.

Re-opening of LRC – update, 1 August

Hi all. The move towards full access to the club for all is happening slowly but surely. We are, however, not there yet. At present, there is no date for the opening of the changing rooms and social distancing rules are hampering full access. Junior sessions have been running successfully and we have expanded the numbers of juniors accessing the water and the number of sessions. Thanks very much to Niall and Jo and everyone involved in making this happen. On the 1st August, British Rowing’s Return to Rowing guidance is moving from what they call Phase C to Phase D, allowing mixed household doubles and pairs to take to the water. The LRC committee will meet on Thursday 6th August to discuss the potential implementation of BR’s Phase D and the mitigations required. In the meantime we are trialling an increase in the number of adult rowers attending a session to 10. You may read about BR’s timeline in the document linked below. The LRC Coronavirus Measures doc has been updated to V3.

Re-opening of LRC – Phase 2

I hope that you are are fit and healthy and staying safe. As we have a cautious easing of lockdown, so LRC can begin to move forward in its return to the water. Saturday 11 July will see the first Junior sessions take to the water since lockdown started. Whilst I would love to announce that we can provide sessions for all juniors, this cannot happen just yet and, once again, I ask those not included in this phase to stay patient; we can only provide what we deem to be safe and within the guidance. The sessions on 11 July will be a trial of the ‘LRC COVID 19_Junior rowing rules_v2’ developed by the junior coaches for the safe provision of junior rowing at LRC. This should be read in-tandem with the ‘LRC Coronavirus Measures v2.0’. Both documents are found below.

Re-opening of LRC – Phase 2 is coming!

Phase 1 of the re-opening has seen crews adapting well to the ‘new normal’ of social distancing and scrupulous hygiene. The LRC committee is now working on measures to move forward with Phase 2 which will enable the Junior Race Group to take to the water in allocated sessions. Hopefully we can roll this out in the very near future.

Thanks very much for your patience. We are making progress and will try to open up the club to more members when the guidelines from government and British Rowing permit.

Re-opening of LRC – Phase 1

Having reviewed government and British Rowing guidance and following a series of test outings, Lincoln Rowing Centre committee has decided to open the club to provide rowing for a limited number of members. This will be PHASE 1 in a series which will hopefully culminate in the complete re-opening of the club to all members. Unfortunately this will take some time and I apologise to those of you who are unable to access the club during this first phase – I appreciate that you are eager to get back to the sport we all love but please be patient. The limited measures are designed to keep everyone as safe as possible.

PHASE 1 allows competent, adult single scullers and household doubles only onto the water subject to LRC Captains approval The committee has made the decision not to allow juniors onto the water during this phase as sufficient safety cannot be assured.

Please read the LRC Coronavirus Measures v1 document published below – this is guidance for PHASE 1. See also the British Rowing document Coronavirus Advice and the LRC Single Sculling Policy v1 below for further guidance.

Should you wish to row during PHASE 1 and feel that you are sufficiently competent then please contact the LRC Captain, Garry Speed, via Messenger, WhatsApp or text, agreeing to the measures set out in the LRC Coronavirus Measures guidance document. Garry will then allow you access to the booking system and the booking rules.

Coronavirus – Lincoln Rowing Centre Temporary Closure

The LRC committee has been considering a responsible and practical response to the Covid 19 pandemic in the light of the latest government advice and the measures being taken by other rowing clubs.

Therefore, in order to facilitate ‘social distancing’ to control the spread of the virus, it is, with regret, that:

ALL activities, both formal and informal, at Lincoln Rowing Centre will cease from today 17/3/20 until further notice. 

Therefore the AGM scheduled for 1/4/20 is postponed.  This decision will be reviewed on a rolling 2 week basis with the next review date being 1/4/20. 
Please bear with us during this period and keep monitoring FaceBook.  I will endeavour to keep members informed, by email, regarding any changes and developments in our approach to Covid 19.