A list of Emergency Contact Numbers can be found here.

It is the duty of all members of The Lincoln Rowing Centre to observe the rules of the club. 

All members and guests must operate in compliance with British Rowing RowSafe guidance.

RowSafe  covers good and safe which all of our members have an obligation to understand.  A summary can be found below:

  • Be sure to always lead by example.
  • Inspect your equipment prior to boating.  Ensure to check bow balls, hatch covers and heel restraints.
  • Any equipment found to be faulty must be reported to the Club Captain.
  • Handle all equipment safely to minimise risk to other people and equipment.
  • Be aware of other users of the water at all times and observe rules relating to them including observation of the circulation pattern, which is based on an anticlockwise traffic rule, i.e. bow side nearest the bank.
  • Report any incident or near incident (including any capsizes) using the British Rowing Incident Reporting System.

Lincoln Rowing Centre Safety Documents 2021