New Facilities + Challenges

With our membership growing it was decided nearly two years ago that we required more than just a port-a-loo to support our current members and any growth. The then Centre Chairman tried many different avenues for funding eventually securing some through a combination of member loans, Sport England, The Lonsdale Trust and a British Rowing facilities pot.

Funding secured and planning application submitted and approved the build faced a challenge that would set the project back nearly a year.  The main sewer for Lincoln North passes under street view man’s feet and directly through the middle of our compound.

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This meant that the first version of plans had to be scrapped while we sought Anglian Waters support for the project. Negotiations were started and both parties settled on a compromise; we could build near the road and suspend a lightweight shed between the 2 buildings to house our small boats, but we couldn’t disturb the ground (no piling) and we had to leave 3 metres either side of the sewer in case there were any problems.

That brings us roughly up to date.