Paddy on BBC Look North!

Paddy the single and an as yet unidentified rower featured on BBC Look North on Tuesday evening when the Centre played host to the local MP’s.

The Beeb fancied a change from the normal Lincoln backdrops and came to see us at Stamp End Lock to interview the local candidates about the European and Local elections taking place today. The Lincolnite explains the elections here.

We would like to thank Look North for their donation of a facilities fee, our members who came down to help out and wish the MPs good luck for today and hope they bring something to the table for sports clubs!

National Junior Inter-regional Regatta.

Today sees Lincoln at the national water sports centre on the outskirts of Nottingham for the Junior Interregional Regatta. Rowers aged 13 to 18 from all over the country go through a selection process and then come here to compete to win points for their regions.

Lincoln have 3 athletes competing for the East Midlands in the Womens Junior 16 single scull and in the junior 16 mens coxed 8.

Good luck to all!

New Facilities + Challenges

With our membership growing it was decided nearly two years ago that we required more than just a port-a-loo to support our current members and any growth. The then Centre Chairman tried many different avenues for funding eventually securing some through a combination of member loans, Sport England, The Lonsdale Trust and a British Rowing facilities pot.

Funding secured and planning application submitted and approved the build faced a challenge that would set the project back nearly a year. ┬áThe main sewer for Lincoln North passes under street view man’s feet and directly through the middle of our compound.

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This meant that the first version of plans had to be scrapped while we sought Anglian Waters support for the project. Negotiations were started and both parties settled on a compromise; we could build near the road and suspend a lightweight shed between the 2 buildings to house our small boats, but we couldn’t disturb the ground (no piling) and we had to leave 3 metres either side of the sewer in case there were any problems.

That brings us roughly up to date.