World Record Rowing; we’re at it again….!

During the 20th to the 23rd of December our Lincoln Rowing Juniors are going to be taking part in a charity ergathon at the Lincoln Hilton Double Tree Hotel to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and the Centre.

During the 3 days they will be keeping the machine spinning continually for 80 hours in an attempt to break the World Record for the longest continual row by a mixed team made up of under 19 year olds!

Any support would be very welcome and gratefully received. Below is a link to their fundraising page, every little helps towards their target!

It’s official, another Lincoln Rower holds a world record..

We have just had confirmation from the rowing machine manufacturer Concept 2 that Deb officially holds the world record for the Longest Continual Row for heavy weight women, aged 50 – 59.

She completed 27 hours rowing a massive 221,873 metres and raised over £1000 for the Centre and Macmillan cancer support. Deb is now one of 3 world record holders who row from The Lincoln Rowing Centre, who will be the next??!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Deb, the sponsors of the event and all the members and none members who helped out over the weekend.

Hand Made Burger
Double Tree Lincoln

Record set..

Deborah’s target was 24 hours, on Saturday she finished her row at a massive 27 hours. All we have to do now is wait for Concept 2 to verify the data card that was in the machine and Debs will be another Lincoln Rower who holds a World Record!


We would like to thank everyone who supported the event, The Handmade Burger Company, The Hilton for providing somewhere for Deb to be warm over night and the bed and breakfast prize, and especially the passers by who generously made donations.

The money is to be counted and split between Macmillan Caner Support and the Rowing Centre.

World Record this weekend…

This weekend one of our members will be attempting to set a new world record for heavy weight women’s continuous indoor rowing.

Debs has been in training for months and will be aiming for 24 hours sat on a rowing machine. It’s essentially the most intense interval training ever as she only gets 10 minutes an hour to rest.

If you are around the Brayford over the weekend she will be at the Double Tree Hilton from 9AM on Friday (18/4/2014).