Before the first year in pictures..

In the run up to the opening we at the Centre thought it was a good idea to dig through some old boxes and find some pictures of where we were back when it all started.

The only sign of any rowing in Lincoln was the Boston Landing Stage on the other side of the river which was only used once a year for the Boston Marathon. At this time the Boston stage was the only river access.

The compound looked a little bleak and unloved. Back in its’ heyday The Pump House used to house massive motors that drove massive turbines to pull water out of the Witham and up into the cooling towers of the old Spa Road power station. The Witham looks a little deeper back then too!

Before any boats arrived, the pump house was being used by the Lincolnshire County Council as a document store. Looks like there were some Crisps in there too, I wonder if they’re still around somewhere?

The first year, 2006..


2006 was a year of trying all the pubs in Lincoln to make sure the original oarsome foursome; Bruce Margetts, Jim Sockell, Niall Cleary and Paddy Ibbotson found the best meeting place. They recognised that there was something missing from Lincoln’s waterways and sought to reintroduce rowing boats after an absence of nearly 100 years.


Boston Rowing Club provided a virtual base for The Lincoln Rowing Centre to affiliate to British Rowing in August which allowed Bruce & Jim to become the first crew to show off the red and white stripes and undertake the Boston marathon!


Ancholme Head provided the first competitive wins for Lincoln members. Bruce & Jim joined up with Chris Morrill from the RAF Rowing Club to win both the coxed 4 category and a veteran pair event.