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History of Rowing in Lincoln

Despite the availability of a superb stretch of river, ideally suited to the sport of rowing, there had been no record of rowing in Lincoln since 1916, other than for the annual Boston Marathon. The creation and growth of the University, together with interest from the local population, led to the formation of the Lincoln Rowing Centre in August 2006, in time for the first ever Lincoln crew to complete the marathon course in September of that year.

The doors were opened to new rowers during April 2007. Over the past few months a total of 14 local people have got into a boat for the first time, to learn to row. The club has also attracted a few more experienced rowers. Many newcomers were doing little regular exercise at the time of joining the club.

The University rowing club has opted to use Lincoln Rowing Centre facilities from the start of the 2007-2008 academic year, resulting in a significant reduction in travel and a subsequent increase in student participation.

Through the help and generosity of a large number of other rowing clubs, local organisations and companies, Lincoln Rowing Centre has established itself in the old Pumphouse near Stamp End lock, and continues to attract interest from people from all walks of life.

We have some basic facilities plus a small number of boats, together with lots of enthusiasm and ambition!